Move Items Of Your House

Take an inventory of your progress for spaces, the kitchen items in the boxes marked for the kitchen, the toiletries in the boxes labeled for the toilet and with the rooms do the same when you arrive at your new home you it will be easier to distribute and organize them

Clothing is preferable than goals in bags, objects in boxes, and delicate items, protected with bubble wrap. Beware of the refrigerator; you must unplug it one day before making a move and also wait one day to start it.

The objects and documents of value, it is preferable that you take them yourself. (Jewelry, Electronics, Scriptures, etc.

Do not forget to cancel the supplies or request the change of owner, in some cases one month in advance is required.

You must also inform of the change of address for your new correspondence, Correos offers two services: Domiciliary: Free service, Cores is responsible for notifying associated suppliers of your new address.

Postal Forwarding:   It has a cost, and Cores is responsible for sending all your correspondence to the new address while informing your providers of the change of address.

 You   only have to register in the new address to access public services (health care, school registration, etc.)