Your Moving Company

We are a moving company that aims to provide a unique and personalized service for your move or move. Our experience making transfers in homes, apartments, chalets, offices and official centers, not only has helped us to acquire a full knowledge, but it has allowed us to make many satisfied friends with our work.

Our specialist team counts on your moving and transport service with your lifting crane, so that through our lifting platform you can move your furniture up the front. Also, our vehicles have a lift door to facilitate all our services, all without increasing the cost of running.

We have a wide range of packaging and exclusive materials to pack and protect all your furniture and precious goods so that an object is moved without being harmed.

Tips for your move

Take advantage of your progress to get rid of everything you no longer need, check your closets, the storage room, the drawers; you will surely find things that you no longer use, it is the best time to give them away, sell them or recycle them.

You have the opportunity to clean the appliances and furniture in depth.

Plan the date in which you want to make a move and the services you want to hire; the removal companies can pack your objects, disassemble your furniture and take care of everything. If you prefer to make a move yourself, you will have to get boxes, bags, and tape to close the tables, as well as tools to disassemble the furniture. At on the go moving and storage, you can buy some Packs adapted to the size of your move that will be sent to your address within 48 hours.

Move Items Of Your House

Take an inventory of your progress for spaces, the kitchen items in the boxes marked for the kitchen, the toiletries in the boxes labeled for the toilet and with the rooms do the same when you arrive at your new home you it will be easier to distribute and organize them

Clothing is preferable than goals in bags, objects in boxes, and delicate items, protected with bubble wrap. Beware of the refrigerator; you must unplug it one day before making a move and also wait one day to start it.

The objects and documents of value, it is preferable that you take them yourself. (Jewelry, Electronics, Scriptures, etc.

Do not forget to cancel the supplies or request the change of owner, in some cases one month in advance is required.

You must also inform of the change of address for your new correspondence, Correos offers two services: Domiciliary: Free service, Cores is responsible for notifying associated suppliers of your new address.

Postal Forwarding:   It has a cost, and Cores is responsible for sending all your correspondence to the new address while informing your providers of the change of address.

 You   only have to register in the new address to access public services (health care, school registration, etc.)